What is Quantum Consciousness?

Ability to manage responses to life’s experiences – Big and Small



NEEDED:  An Acceptance of the Unseen as Real. SPACE IS NOT EMPTY

AIR is everywhere.  Electro/Magnetics are everywhere in the AIR & in All Things, Plants/Sap, Rocks/Minerals, Water/Ice/Vapour, Fire/Heat and therefore in Bodies of Living Beings. 


The only reason you can’t see the particles in air, is because they are so tiny - smaller than Microscopic, Atomic. Classic Science is yet to discover how to quantify the particles and their movement via traditional methodology.  Quantum Science, on the other hand, accepts the reality of Energy and is moving steadily toward its practical application.  This will give huge benefits to mankind.


Meanwhile in this NOW time, we can access this unseen energy using Intelligence.  Training our thoughts/brain to safely tap into a vast bank of this energy or:


Cellular Transformation Therapy©

Is a method of checking in with yourself.  Imagine that you could see inwardly the circuitry of your systems.  And feel into the threads of gold that are your light structure. You caretake and choose what you desire.


CTT© has tools for change - all here for you. You can read it, listen to it - Read and listen - Or you can book a session with Suzannah and then do the Awake Aware Alight techniques.

CTT© works in your energy field, simultaneously your cells respond giving positive opportunites for your Self Healing. 

What is Cellular Transformation Therapy©?

Suzannah's Modality is Unique

This Chart is how Suzannah see/feels the human form and a little of the energetic structure of the Biofield.

Side and Front aspects depict how the structure is 3Dimensional surrounding the physical form.

It shows a large Diamond with smaller inside, a Blue Cylinder with cones top and bottom, Central Body Current inside the body.

Suzannah's mission is to convey a simple, easy way to Accept, Activate and readily Use what she calls QUANTUM CONCIOUSNESS.  Everyone has this geometry - called the Pattern - and Everyone can access a superior energy and power source on demand. She has developed DIY Techniques as a less detailed format.

Change Your Cells........Change Your Life

 3-Part  e book

​One Woman's guide to Quantum Consciousness. These books invite you to open to a new avenue to wellness. Learn an ultramodern approach to life and how to make changes that will truly and permanently work for you. Also insights to  how  Cellular Transformation Therapy© works as an Intuitive Healing Modality and How to Heal your Self EASILY.   More                    Download as a pdf

12 Guided Techniques :  A-Wake A-Ware A-Light

Personal Training Program  using Techniques Guided through Meditation. Soar into Higher Dimensions. Find the Doorway to Freedom and Power within.

Rearrange your molecules             More

Sessions are available for:


CTT© - Distance/Remote & in Person Sessions. Metaphysical Guidance, Training

To Book a Consultation fill in the Contact form to arrange a suitable time then pay on line



​Suzannah has been a guiding light to me since we first met some years ago.  She works in multi-frequencies. Her facilitations have transformed both me and my life at every level



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