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 Change your Cells    Change Your Life  -  One Woman's guide to Quantum Consciousness


My book invites you to open yourself to a new avenue to wellness. Introducing an ultramodern approach to life. We are bioelectrical beings,  And we can make changes that will truly and permanently work. I invite you to read, discover and explore with an open mind and an open heart. What is on offer here is a way to live Quantum Consciousness.

In Quantum Consciousness the principal factor is energy.  It develops Anatomy and Physiology into the new and expansive dynamic.  No longer is the body regarded as a stand-alone entity. There is no demarcation between the energy of your body’s cells and the surrounding electro-magnetic field.  Together they are one energetic force.  Supporting this viewpoint are the scientific discoveries of the electric excitability of cells, our brain’s plasticity, called Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics which has proven cells respond to our environment.

By consciously supplementing additional frequencies to those already running in and through every cell, the realized outcome is Quantum Consciousness - thus Changing your Cells.

CHANGING YOUR CELLS is as easy as adding the energy techniques of Cellular Transformation Therapy© to your routines, using focused thinking and paying attention to Cell Nutrition.   Cells are mighty miniscule factories of energy.  Understanding and interacting with them consciously is the perfect partnership to good health and wellbeing.  You have 3 trillion potential dance partners in any given moment of this wonderful dance of life. 98% of your body is rebuilt in less than a year – giving you a huge platform for cell changes.

QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS begins with the Bonding of the Physical Body with the surrounding Light Body – that is -- living life as a Self Healing Bioform and then consciously maximizing energy infusion as a tool for everyday wellbeing. With ongoing practice of amping the frequencies you can maintain clear flows of energy through the conduits and functions of your Cells and Light Body. The second aspect of Quantum Consciousness is bringing your life into alignment with your newly acquired light quotient.


Embracing AUTHENTIC LIVING Values is equally as important for Living Your Potential by your design and choice.

CHANGING YOUR LIFE comes when you’ve let go of the old ways (especially stressing), by adopting your chosen new values and accepting that thoughts are waves of energy and more importantly that your brain can be retrained.   Living your potential takes a review of what is not working for you then choosing to be in alignment with values that enhance your integrity and reward you with emotions such as Joy, Laughter and Love and Abundance.  


If every person lived Quantum Consciousness
tolerance, equality and respect would be the norm
and perhaps Synocracy would prevail.

This book describes my modality CELLULAR TRANSFORMATION THERAPY© and how science gives credibility to why cells transform. I’m writing to inform and explain how it works and the positive impact it produces.  CTT© is simple to apply, innovative, non-invasive and complementary to many forms of Healing and Medicine.  It is Medicine of the Future – available by choice, here and now.

The feature of CTT© that differentiates it from most other modalities is the use of a structured Energy Field surrounding and anchored into the physical body.  Its shape is an Octahedron (3 Dimensional Diamond) and consists of many fine lines of current named etheric meridians. This structure is called the Pattern and it is the immediate and personal environment where the biological process of Epigenetics stimulates the genes within the cell.

Cellular Transformation Therapy© is Virtual Medicine – another description for energy healing.  It is a blending of Biology plus Bio-magnetic and Universal Frequencies. In Neuroplasticity it’s called Neuromodulation. This gentle system of energy infusion is designed to boost cell energy which then prompts an immune response.  It is not offered as a cure but an opportunity for the body to heal itself – what I call self-healing.  Cells are self-healing.  

The ultimate goal of CTT© is to offer pathways to live your potential – to BE LOVE and LIGHT in every moment.  Suzannah’s desire is to promote the KEY to Quantum Consciousness - that is - BEING LOVE. This Key is a practical technique which can be used by everyone who desires to live quantum consciousness. It entails an initial outlay for the activations, personal effort to practice until it becomes automatic, and then it is a free gift of perpetual universal energy to tap into 24/7.   

Subjects covered in later chapters:
    Cellular Transformation and CTT©
    Neuroplasticity (Brain Retraining), Neuromodulation. Neurostimulation
    Cell Facts, How Cells Communicate, Nutrition, Toxicity and Self Healing
    Energy and Light Body Mechanics, and the Virtual/Luminary Body
    How Living Your Potential and Authentic Living create life changes
    Discovering your Virtual Talents or Supernatural Abilities – clairvoyance     etc.
    Health Tips Suzannah has found beneficial

    Practitioner Training

If you need more information you can simply type your questions into the Contact page. 

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