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Amazing results...

‘Firstly, thank you. I can’t believe how much better I feel – in fact about 10 years younger. Maybe miracles do happen! My legs feel as though they belong to me again, and instead of complaining when I ask them to walk, they now say, ‘Come on let’s go’. I’m even planning on a walk in the morning (a good 20 minutes). Previously a walk to the letterbox on the corner and back produced groans of protest. I find I get up out of chairs without thinking, instead of having to push up with my hands. My wrist is fine and I don’t have to use an elastic support when sweeping, raking, vacuuming etc. The bloating around my middle has gone and I find I am breathing more deeply.
-Ros B

What a difference
CTT has made in my life!

After a session with Suzannah, there are the obvious initial benefits—feeling balanced and recharged with a great sense of emotional and physical wellbeing but I believe her healing works at far deeper levels. Working with Suzannah not only helped me accelerate through an intense period of self-change, I felt she also helped activate my own latent healing gifts. She had been a mentor and an inspiration to me as I’ve explored the powerful realm of energy healing. ​
-M.H. Bris

Richard Goldsworthy Solo Piano
By far the best!

Music from the heart. You will feel every note.  Listen on Richard's web page.


Being Your Bigness

Fly without Wings

Run without Effort

Think without Doubt

Speak with Sensitivity

Sing with Joy

Feel with Compassion

Know with Surety

Create with Integrity

Find Value in Gratitude

Be Still in your Core

Be Humble in your Power

Feel Grace in your Actions


Bigness is Living to Your Greatest Potential - not measured by Others

-Suzannah Taylor 2004

The Neutralizer
Highly recommended
Innovative health products including water filters to assist in creating a safe harmonious stress-free living environment.
In my book I suggest utilizing EMR neutralizers for improvement of your health and wellbeing.  Here's where to buy them.
See more http://www.dynamic
I couldn't be more pleased

​This graphic artist has been creating my images for my first book, my logos, my latest eBook Change Your Cells Change Your Life cover.


What makes her work so special is that she can interpret the light shows that run in my head.  


You will see on Megan's site just how varied her Art is. See more on her website.

My life has changed!

​I have a new career, I have moved my home, become closer to my family and best of all, I am finding Joy in all sorts of ways. Suzannah’s sessions are truly empowering. 
-Kieran L, 29

So thankful for you, Suzannah

"Suzannah does EXCELLENT work... if you want to heal & evolve Suzannah is such a GREAT help & may even AMAZE you."


Testimonial from Mary. N., Sydney

Nirvana Detox Healing Center Khanom Thailand
Carlo and Natty have created this wonderful retreat and detox centre in a very beautiful setting. Visit them and see more on
Eumundi Markets
Premier Artisan Market.  Every Wednesday and Saturday.  Hundreds of stalls and interesting events. I miss not being there every Wednesday.  Visit their web for more
Cellular Transformation Therapy
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