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Cellular Transformation Therapy©

Transforming CELLS:  We are a dynamic factory which operates 24/7 and our  systems require fuel, maintenance and deliberate care. As with all manufacturing plants, supervision, diligence and planning for upgrade of the parts that are most used, cleaning and review are mandatory for any plant to be 100% operational and productive.     Ditto for us!

We are a factory!

Our cells and their sub cellular organelles are the nucleus of our constant living mechanism. They function in the watery environment of our 98% water bodies.


Water is the key. The properties of water are how particles are distributed, absorbed and actioned by the cell.


These constant actions are electrically charged in direct alignment with the chemical compound, molecular makeup and function and are conducted by the body humors to our anatomical and nervous systems and neuroplasticity.


This is where Cellular Transformation Therapy© works. In the cell factory of our living physicality – our gene pool. More information is in          Change Your Cells...Change Your Life – e book

CTT© is a Practice for Integrated Living.

It transforms Physical Cells and maintains the Light Body surrounding your living form.


We can modify the molecular constitution and bring about changes to all of our bodies – physical, energetic, and emotional – by enhancing the vibrations to our cell energy and retrain our brains through neuromodulation.

The surrounding electrically charged biofield has etheric structure which through life's experiences gets impacted. These imperfections are repaired in sessions.


The body’s immune system recognises the change and responds with self healing.

CTT© as a modality focuses energy to every cell of the body to enhance the molecular constitution. Directed energy realigns the Etheric meridians of the biofield, bringing cohesion to all bodies - physical, energetic, mental and emotional and opening the lines for maximum generation of available frequencies. The cell energy potential is amplified through energy infusion.


CTT© energises your core power force. When all the rhythms and pulses of the body are synchronised you have more natural energy. It relieves outmoded patterns of behaviour and gives clarity and stimulation to all mind and body functions.


Science calls it NEUROMODULATION. It is a Virtual modality that is non-invasive, gentle and has a huge and beneficial impact for every day living and wellbeing. It is developed for this modern time. NOW

Suzannah's Philosophy

Take the Stress out of your Body

Bring Light into your Cells, and Find JOY in Every Moment.

Come from your Heart, Not your Fear,

Take Responsibility for your Actions and Choose to Change.


CTT©  has been developed and practiced by Suzannah over 20 years.   Sharing her knowledge is a passion and a joy. Do contact her if you have an interest in joining her as a practitioner. Visit for her Story

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