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Guided Techniques

A-WAKE, A-WARE, A-LIGHT : 12 Audio Tracks of Suzannah’s Guided Techniques For Personal Training to reach Quantum Consciousness. 


Suggestion: Take your time. Start with Techs 1,2,3 – repeating each until you can recall the sensations with eyes wide open. Then move to 7,8,9 – owning and relishing your talents. 10,11,12 increase your metaphysical prowess. 4,5,6 are variations for Creativity.


  • Techs 1,2,3  Activation, Protection and Powerup

  • Techs 7,8 Discover your Super Sensing and Psychic Talents

  • Tech 9 Remove doubts

  • Techs 10,11,12 Journeys

  • Techs 4,5,6 Manifestation methods

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