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HOW TO LIVE YOUR POTENTIAL with Full Awareness, Mindfulness and Authenticity



It is so easy when you know how. The rewards are many. 

Read more in Change Your Cells...Change Your Life. downloadable

We can be more. We have resevoirs of unseen wealth to add to every action, if we allow it.


Choose to change what is not adding Joy to your life. Take Stress from your day and make space for reflection and stillness. Be grateful for what you have.


The first 6 Aspects of Authentic living are CHOICE, SINCERITY, TRUTH, INTEGRITY, FAITH, and HUMILITY.


The Second Phase is the Activation of your Light Body and a retraining of your Mind to consciously synchronise with the Cosmic and Energy Potential of the Cells. Living Bigness


FOCUS on your Inward Journey in silence and just for yourself. Pay attention to your body to discover a phrase and a physical position to describe ‘What is right and happening in your life”. Focus allows Asking and Responses without reliving the emotions and then receiving a release in a friendly way.


All these are aspects of Cellular Transformation and Light Body Mechanics.  Read more in Change Your Cells..Change Your Life,  Suzannah's downloadable eBook.

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