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Self Healing has a Two-fold Focus

1. Return to physical wellness
 2. Gain Quantum Consciousness
Both utilize Energy techniques  and Build Light Mechanics with Cellular Transformation

Rearranging, Realigning, Refreshing.  Regain your Mastery. Loosing the old - Regaining the New.

CTT© can do this for you in 3 ways.

Read the book, have a session with Suzannah or take your journey through Suzannah's 12 audio tracks. 

It may take 12 months as it gently shifts you into Quantum Conscious Living. 

The techniques introduce 2-point Breathing, the Shape and Function of your Light Body, Your Higher Self (MInd & Virtual Body), gets you 100% using your Supernatural gifts, 3 differing Manifestation styles and Journeys for Joy and discovery of your Ancient Records.  My suggestion is to begin with Track 1, repeat this morning and evening until you can recall the process with your eyes open and within a couple of breaths.  Then proceed to Track 2 and so on till all 12 are firmly integrated and become YOUR tools for living every day, feeling energised, feeling peace and Be-ing Love. Fully conscious of yourself - A-Wake, Fully cogniscent of your life and environment - A-Ware and living your  greatest potential - A-Light

Cellular Transformation for Yourself and Tools for Change

A-Wake A-Ware A-Light©   12 Tracks of Individual Activations Integrations and Expansion of your Light Body. 

Techniques are Guided through Meditation by Suzannah.


Recordings are CTT©-based training sessions. All meditations have a different focus. Every one of these tracks in this series is an exercise in self- healing, self- expansion and consciously connecting to your energetic light mechanics. Techniques to assist in awakening and strengthening your Light Body (Crystalline Form see the diagrams)


Downloads $6 per track

Sessions are unique to you. Usually 1 hour and include an assessment, amendment of the pattern, regeneration of cell energy potential.  Followed by an email summary. Spiritual Counselling and Metaphysical mentoring can be included or separate. 


Suzannah's study, training, and self-development lead to the creation of Cellular Transformation Therapy© - a higher form of healing which directs energy into every cell. She works in and around the electro-magnetic field surrounding every living body/thing  which she sees as a Diamond lattice Pattern formed above, below, front and back of the physical. Her technique is an intuitive one.


Book via email. Distance $90. Consults $50, $90, $120

Cellular Transformation Therapy

Suzannah's eBook invites you to open yourself to a new avenue to wellness. She explains simply about energy and introduces you to your energy body - your significant self. It is a guide to reaching your highest potential and the Key To Quantum Consciousness - Being Love.


Living Quantum Consciousness is to know yourself as a body of energy first which is anchored into your physical body. The two are inseparable & interactive. The Benefits to you are  a peaceful, joyful, and loving way to BE-ing.  And the payout is assisting in fostering actions creating a human society where harmony is the norm and truth a deep and residing necessity.


Includes a practical aid for self healing and gives the tools to be your own healer through becoming Awake Aware Alight. Alight and Alive! May this book light your life!  For more please read The  content summary.

I discovered how energy healing works because I understand how a cell works

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