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For Now

And here I am living my passion. Being a light in every day. My journey has prompted the writing of I am A Light between 2000 and 2004 (published 2006). To develop Cellular Transformation Therapy (which came to me as a technique in 2000) to a full blow way of living – Living your Potential as a Consciously connected Being of Light = BIGNESS! and a Modality.

Now my downloadable eBook is by way of a witness to my life (A Light), and for the reader to find keys to something grander in his/her life. It's not about convincing but offering a wholistic bonding of physical and energetic bodies. To radiate light in every moment whatever that means for YOU.

Each moment needs to add to my bank of spiritual joy without stress. Living in the moment - not being controlled by time and other constraints but rather living with the purpose of a desire to make a difference and to savour every moment. For NOW!


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