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Why a Geometric Pattern?


Why a Geometric Pattern?

If you think of your body as a factory and that it runs on electricity. How do you imagine energy gets into the factory? Wiring from an external generator along lines into switchboxes, fuses conduct the power into your plugs and devices. It's really no different for your physical. We need energy to keep us functioning. Prematter (what we don't see), consists of miniscule particles of energy that form curved sided triangles. These eventially accrete into spheres, diamonds, hexagons and their interaction creates sparks and flows. That's the Geometric form that is the Pattern surrounding our bodies. It's also, where I see/feel the breaks and bulges that mess with our wellbeing. Just as our house power can blow a fuse, our Patterns mimic a power out and need restoration. CTT sessions facilitate this mending and sets the body into Self Healing.

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