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I am a Way-shower. I believe strongly in Quantum Conscious Living for ALL

My amazing journey began by discovering my unique qualities.  Learning, training, studying all manner of new age stuff, biology and the science of the unseen energies.  Huge benefits and much awareness - confidence to change all my life - habits, beliefs, behaviors and to unlock my intelligence to unlimited (Blue Sky) thinking exploring Probabilities, Potential and Prosperity.

The Ultimate outcome has been to Develop and Practice Cellular Transformation Therapy© for these past 25 or more years.

NOW enlightening others to QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS AS A WAY OF LIFE is my passion.

My guided Techniques are designed for personal enhancement and progression into a new phase of living.  All it takes is practice and a willingness to listen inside.  You become your own Master.

My Philosophy:

Take the Stress out of your Body

Bring Light into Your Cells

and Find Joy in every Moment

Come from your Heart, Not Your Fear

Take Responsibility for your Actions

And Choose to Change


DOWNLOAD Your Guided Techniques to Awake Aware Alight

Soul Centre 4. Seat of Soul

Most people know Suzannah as an Intuitive Energy Practitioner thanks to 25 years in practice but she is also a facilitator for Metaphysical Workshops, an Oracle Reader, and the developer of Cellular Transformation Therapy© which has evolved from a modality to a Way of Living Quantum Consciously. 

Her passion for Sacred Geometry is an ongoing Joy as you see on the Images.

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