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  • Explains the Science of the Unseen and How it Relates to Your Changes

  • DNA and Genes, Cells and Cellular Transformation

  • Electric Excitability, Neuroplasticity, Interoception

  • Cellular Transformation Therapy© – My Way


  • Reclaiming Self Healing, Do It for Yourself

  • The Ultimate You, Activating the Light Body

  • Supernatural Abilities and Soul Actions

  • Authentic Living, Your Potential, Being Love 24/7

  • CTT© Facilitation- Neuromodulation

Body/Health Tips

  • The Energy of Us and Our Amazing Bodies

  • Recovery Discovery and Health Tips

  • Raising Your Magnetics and more

Disclaimer:  The material presented in my book is for information only and NOT intended to be used as medical advice.  The information is based on my experience and research.

All rights Reserved. This book may not be reproduced, wholly or in part, nor transmitted in any form whatever without written permission of the Author.

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