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My first suggestion is to adopt a holistic view of your condition and situation.


That means an integrated approach which includes your Medico, a Naturopath, an Energetic Therapist and a Counsellor.

For preference, all these practitioners need to work together. Therefore it is up to you to be the orchestra master and bring cohesion to your case and the creation of lasting wellness for you.

Your family’s support and encouragement is vital. Negativity and doubt are not part of this process Choose your Integrative Team.

Cellular Transformation Integrative
Integrative Medicine

Integrated Medicine - not Alternative.  It is a combination of medical and complementary therapies. When a Physical Illness manifests there is now an opportunity to look at every aspect of yourself.

We have traditionally available to us consultants who specialize in one field.  The way of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE is to combine all these facilities into a team that work together for you.  You choose the team that suits the health issue you are experiencing and then call upon the individual expertise as needed.  Each one of the Team is known and respectful of the part each has to play. Choose a team to get you through and into a lifestyle where your illness is either gone or manageable. 

There are now a few Medical Clinics who have this approach, but it is rare.

Cellular Transformation Potential
Key to Self Healing

BE intuitive; trust your gut feelings. Be open to opportunities that come easily. Be daring (sensibly). Everything in moderation! No haste! If you have an illness, it has taken years to grow to where you are forced to take action, don’t expect instant cures. Accept that your illness is a gift to help you make changes for your highest good.

Listen to your inner voice and evaluate the advice offered before you make a decision.

There are many more Complimentary therapies available and it behoves you to find the ones that suit you and your beliefs. Don’t be afraid to try more than one. What works for you may not be someone else’s choice. Some modalities, you may need one or two treatments, others you will have continuous benefits. Most alternative therapies take time for your body to respond – so don’t be in a hurry.

Integrative Team with CTT info
Who's the Team?

Your Doctor is vital to diagnosis, testing and information for cure using the latest procedures. These are invasive often chemical or surgically based processes. Search for a medico who is open to complimentary and holistic views. They really do exist!

Your Naturopath will offer such things as herbs, homoeopathy, diet and nutrition. All processes that support the body’s natural self healing ability. An extremely valuable resource that is highly recommend.

Your Energy Therapist will repair the biofield by clearing vital flows through the meridians and energising the cells so that your immune system can be more efficient. Depending on the modality, they can uncover deep causal factors that give you answers and clarity upon which to base your choices. They will guide you to focus within and to build and balance your energy body, preferably for yourself. As I call it - bringing Light into your Life. And, most importantly, how to De-stress.

Your Counsellor will assist in finding emotional balance, in formulating choices and supporting changes in your life. And recognising what is causing Stress and offer credible solutions. Together these practices are essential for you to have a 100% effort on your healing journey.

Cellular Transformation Therapy Developer

Take the Stress out of your Body

Bring Light into your Cells, and Find JOY in Every Moment.

Come from your Heart, Not your Fear,

Take Responsibility for your Actions and Choose to Change.


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